Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Winston Churchill said, “Responsibility is the price of greatness,” and at Suncity, we agree.

As a stainless steel manufacturing plant, we require massive space and natural resources to function. These resources, which are the lifeline of the villages we work in, have been shared magnanimously with us by the local residents around our premises. Everything we are today and all the success and greatness we have achieved are a result of the enduring support, perseverance and goodwill of our stakeholders and the society.

As gratitude for their unwavering support and love, we at Suncity Group have implemented certain Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, which we hope will truly add value to their lives.

Our CSR Initiatives

Transportation to and from the villages near Jodhpur has always been a challenge. Residents often put their lives at peril, travelling these dangerous roads. Our team at Suncity have laid a plantation drive on the 80-feet road near our factory, in an effort to make transport more convenient and safer for those who live and work in the neighbourhood. This plantation is regularly serviced and kept in excellent condition.

We have also dedicated 20% of the area in and around our factory premises to greenery and gardens and have planted trees on the roads surrounding our plant. This has helped us provide much-needed shade to weary travellers and also reduce the pollution generated by our plant during manufacturing.

We have also implemented other pollution control devices, which have helped reduce noise pollution and have enabled us to restore the natural serenity of the villages. Our factory also utilises solar energy from the two solar power plants we have set up, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. This has helped us make our business highly sustainable.

Suncity is an animal-friendly organisation, and we lend our support by sponsoring the local Goshala in Jodhpur. We are also believers in the motto ‘education leads to transformation,’ and we sponsor a selected number of local children for their entire school education. We also provide medical support to poor people to help them overcome life threatening diseases and for other regular check-ups.

At Suncity, we have also set up a trust – Radhey Govind Seva Trust – to provide financial support to orphans and victims of HIV. We also regularly conduct donation drives and give clothes, food and amenities to the children at the local Baal Ashram. As part of our CSR, we have also provided coolers to the law enforcement officials at Boranada police station to ease their lives during the hot summer months.

    Suncity group started its operations in 1992 with a vision to excel in the industrial sphere. Since then the group has been advancing firmly establishing itself on the industrial map of Jodhpur with the strong footprint in India as well as in the global market.


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